Who I am and what I do.

Professional Profile

Graphic designer and WordPress developer with over 15 years professional experience creating usable web presences and engaging print projects for the entertainment industry, medical field, small businesses and large corporations. Highly adaptable to varying project requirements and passionate about efficient problem solving employing design strategy. [Resume]

Personal Profile

Worship Jam

Worship JamWorship Jam is a weekly gathering of guitar strummers, drummers, and singers of all ages and experience levels. The goals of Worship Jam are to grow a musical community, encourage timid beginners, and create new worship leaders. It’s a great place for nervous beginners, rusty rockers, and casual listeners. We slowly work through a book of easy-to-strum Christian worship songs together each week.

Worship Leader

Worship LeaderThis one crept up on me. Who knew that my long-time church in Nashville (that was full of actual trained musicians) needed extra players? Volunteering in the church worship band exposed me to the world of Christian worship songs. This eventually lead to leading songs for small assemblies and finding myself on multiple international overseas mission trips. These days I lead worship at my church in North San Diego county or as a guest leader at other events in the area.

American Viceroy

American ViceroyA few years back my high school pal, Jerry James, and I started a clothing line called American Viceroy. With no previous knowledge of the fashion industry, we managed to research, design, develop, manufacture, distribute, and publicize two seasons of menswear. Our clothes were exclusively carried by Steven Alan in NYC, American Rag in LA and Journal Standard department stores in Japan. We landed write ups in influential online publications like GQ, Refinery 29 and Valet. After two seasons we switched gears back to music but hope to pick up American Viceroy again in the future. www.americanviceroy.com

Solo Artist

I was raised just outside of Dallas, Texas, in the suburban sprawl of a town called Mesquite. I was quite honestly forced into music at an early age by my 60’s rocker father. Things like practicing guitar for lunch money, performing songs as punishment and the robed church choir left me with a powerful distaste for music. In college I sheepishly picked up the guitar again after a career-ending intramural flag football knee injury. Luckily it didn’t take long to remember those old chords my dad had taught me. I quickly started learning new songs, scouring record stores and skipping haircuts. This lead to jamming with friends, which lead to starting bands, which ultimately lead to writing songs. I loved it all. So much in fact, that after school I moved to Nashville to avoid the inevitability of the real world. In Nashville I found a thriving artistic community where I was able to develop as a musician, writer, performer and more importantly as a person. These days I’m based in San Diego, but my musical and personal growth is well documented in twelve eclectic indie rock records as a solo artist or with my longtime bands. www.daviddewese.com

The Foxymorons

This is the band I jokingly started with my childhood friend, Jerry James, in 1994. Turns out the joke was on us when we were offered a record deal. We’re still putting out records and always play a few shows with each release. www.foxymorons.com

The Luxury Liners

I moved to Nashville with my college buddy, Chad Edgington, to start this band. We played a zillion shows, made records, and met famous people. Although the band members are now scattered across four different states I refuse to say we’ve broken up. www.theluxuryliners.com


As much as I love being in charge, I also love helping people out. I’ve made records and toured as a bass or guitar player sideman for a long list of bands like The Nobility, The Lost Immigrants, Everman, The Medders, Sara Beth Geoghegan and most recently The Smart Brothers.